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Thanks for stopping by Today we have launched our brand-new website whilst it has been a lot of work, we believe that having a good website is fundamental to the success of Cobba Services and its future. There is obviously the marketing aspect of it, but I’m more interested in accessibility and customer experience.

Now to get just a little bit geeky, and introducing some of the tech we’ve decided to adopt. Our customer facing stack currently includes WordPress + Booking Koala. We originally were using Booking Koala both for the front-end website and management of the company however as amazing as Booking Koala is, I feel it does lack a bit of depth when it comes to the website builder.

We’ll share more about who we are and our progress as a new business over the next 12 months and talk about what we aim to be.

Special shout-out to my good mate Mr Edmond John (Jack) Monaghan, This business was originally going to be ran by Jack & myself. Tragically Jack passed away late last year whilst we were in the planning phase.

We had just gotten our first job which was painting an apartment in the city. And were excited to get started. Jack and I had been speaking about starting this for a year, and it was his idea to get into cleaning whereas mine was originally handy work.

If you’re up there somewhere Jack, I hope that we’re doing you proud, Phoebe & I miss you and I hope you’ve found peace. We’ll never forget the impact you had on our lives.

When I’m faced with a tough challenge for Cobba. I often think of Jack and wonder what Jack would do. Cobba is ultimately dedicated to good friend Jack, who spent most of his working life as a Truck Driver, a Ford enthusiast (poor choice mate) and a Melbourne Demons Supporter.

Thank you for all the advice over the years, the late-night chats and getting pissed as hell together. Phoebe & I will do our best to realise the dream you and I once shared. As we progress on our journey through life and Cobba evolves I’ll continue to include a story from time to time about Jack.

Bradley Sing
CEO/Founder Cobba Services


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